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četrtek, 7. oktober 2021

Embroidery stitches - examples

Some clear examples of embroidery stitches from previous post.

1) Whipstitch 

Heart ornament was put together by layering three different heart sizes.

On the white background I've placed slightly smaller heart of the same white color. I embroidered it around with contrast red stitch using whipstitches. 

After that I've placed smaller red heart in the center and this time I used matching color whipstitches.

This is the result: 

2) Half back stitch

This heart ornament was also put together by layering three different heart sizes. But these three are more similar in sizes and size differences.
Both smaller layered hearts are embroidered with contrast color thread. Using half back stitch.

3) Chain stitch

For this ornament there are only two felt heart pieces layered. Smaller heart is embroidered with matching color using whip-stitch. 
I also embroidered a "third heart" with decorative chain stitch.
When doing that I started two times in the same point at the bottom. And made one chain on the left side and one chain on the right side.

4) Satin stitch

One of the classics.

Here is how I embroidered ring carrier pillow with Satin stitch for my friends wedding.

5) Back stitch

When you need a neat straight stitch then the Back stitch is a good choice.
Here is an example on how you can decorate with just few basic embroidery stitches. On the Easter egg there are lines made with french knots, straight back stitches and zigzag stitches.

6) Stem stitch

Well, stem stitch is perfect stitch for embroidering stems. :)

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