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nedelja, 16. maj 2021

Easter ornaments - selection of flower and animal motifs


Here is a selection of various animal and floral Easter ornaments. 

There are two parts of this selection:

- 17 (14+3) animal motifs and

- 16 various floral motifs

For Easter animal part there are 3 ornaments from the separate order (yellow 🐇, blue 🐥, green 🐑). 

And in addition there are also 6 bunnies with colorful eggs, 4 sheep, 2 chicks and 2 geese. 

For the flower selection I tried to combine colors that go together with focusing on purple shades. And looking at the same time not to repeat to many motifs. 
So I selected these backgrounds : 4 lavender, 3 antique pink, 3 pistachio green, 3 ivory, 2 pastel blue, 1 pastel pink. 

The pink, green and the blue colors are different than the ones with animal motifs. 
Pistachio green is a perfect neutral green for flower motifs. 
That is also a case with the pastel spearmint blue which is a lighter version of aqua blue. 
For the pink I selected an antique pink because I think goes better with the purple shades. 


Here are few variations of those motifs that I didn't include in the set. But can be replaced if you would like to change something.
There are mostly excluded from the original lavender set in the way that I "moved" those motifs (tulips, violets, small flowers) on the green background.

The "backups" :

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