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četrtek, 24. oktober 2019

Blue Christmas

Next new thing in Christmas 2019 collection by DusiCrafts is
this color boost of Mint and Blue with a touch of silver details

It's Blue Christmas baby 😊

sreda, 23. oktober 2019

Christmas in Pink and Mint

This year creativity is ON and non traditional colors are trendy...
Today I'll show you Mint and Pink collection that I created 6 weeks ago.

ponedeljek, 15. april 2019

Personalized Easter Ornaments

Some new options for personalized Easter ornaments among with "old" ones.

This years goal was to make some cute designs with Easter basket.
I started with this cute white bunny on personalized ornaments.
And later I created sets of different small size ornaments that you can see in previous post.

sobota, 23. marec 2019

Easter 2019

Some of the Easter sets I created this season.
And also some best sellers from 2018
Enjoy :)

More photos as things gets created you can find on my IG

What is currently available