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sobota, 23. marec 2019

Easter 2019

Some of the Easter sets I created this season.
And also some best sellers from 2018
Enjoy :)

More photos as things gets created you can find on my IG

What is currently available

PS ( April 10th 2019 ) :

5 komentarjev:

  1. Duši tole je svetoven projekt. Uživam ob gledanju barv motivov, natančnih šivih... WAW :)

  2. Perfektni so in občudujem tvoje delo. Vse tako natančno, usklajeno ...

  3. My eggs arrived today and I Love them...just beautiful!
    One suggestion: waterproof packaging! Put the eggs in a plastic bag, before putting them in the box so they won't get wet.
    If it had rained today, the water could have soaked through the paper, and ruined the eggs.