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ponedeljek, 4. oktober 2021

Basic stitches

Goal of this post is to help and educate.

In time I will probably update this post with new photos and descriptions.

Basic embroidery stitches

1) Blanket stitch, Buttonhole stitch and Whipstitch

All three stitches can be used for similar purposes. I use Whipstitch when layering motifs and stitching motif to the background.

Here is a photo of all 3 in layering example.

For stitching around the ornaments you can also use all 3 stitches. I personally use Buttonhole stitch which is a better version of the Blanket stitch.

Here is a photo showing the difference between those two stitches.
Blanket and Buttonhole stitches
It doesn't matter in which direction you stitch. But it's very important how you enter the loop.

Check this short video on my IG

2) Back stitch, Half back stitch and Running stitch
First I have to say that I never use a running stitch. Why? You just can't get a great decorative effect with it. Instead I use "half back stitch". It's a version of the back stitch where you leave spaces between the stitches.

Running stitch and back stitch

... to be continued 

Please see my next post for some of my work using basic stitches

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