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sreda, 28. marec 2018

Easter 2018 Colorful Felt Eggs

Easter time is finally here.
I'm finalising the last order. It's been a great season. Again :)

A had a bit of a challenge to create felt eggs that will be appropriate for gift giving to male and female.

I created "stitch only" colorful wool felt Easter decorations.

sreda, 7. marec 2018

Personalized Easter Ornaments

I divided today post in to parts. And this is a second one.
So, don't miss the first one here

This post is about Larger Extra Special Personalized ornaments.

Last year and this year I created a Valentines collection of Floral ornaments.
And little flowers are also a part of my "premium" egg ornaments.

Easter 2018 in Lilac

Hi from me after a long time.
I've been busy, actually very busy with Easter orders.

This year is a violet-lilac-purple trend.
And I prepared 3 variations of mostly floral Easter Eggs.

 First set is combination of lavender and ivory