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četrtek, 24. oktober 2019

Blue Christmas

Next new thing in Christmas 2019 collection by DusiCrafts is
this color boost of Mint and Blue with a touch of silver details

It's Blue Christmas baby 😊

As I showed you in previous post...
I wanted to create a lovely ornament with Christmas gifts.
It was my sons idea and he said that it is a must.

First attempt was a stack of gifts.
All though it didn't came out bad, it looked a bit like a birthday cake.
So I needed a new idea.

And it was Christmas Sleigh full of gifts.
I really took time for this one and it came out great.

I wouldn't be surprised if you already came across the photo of this blue sleigh while searching on Pinterest for stuff relating to Christmas. It' quite viral.

Next step was completing a set of 6.
To the obvious trio ( Snowman, Polar Bear and Penguin)
and Santa (or Father Frost in this case) with his Sleigh
I needed one more.
And this grey animal was on my to-do-list for a while. Now it got its turn.

Here it is Donkey Ornament with hint of Nativity scene.

And finally complete Blue-Mint-Silver set

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sreda, 23. oktober 2019

Christmas in Pink and Mint

This year creativity is ON and non traditional colors are trendy...
Today I'll show you Mint and Pink collection that I created 6 weeks ago.

Center of this collection are 6 big ornaments
4 of them are designs from last year but with new colors ( penguin, polar bear, snowman and raccoon).
Totally new are gingerbread house and gingerbread man ornaments.

Gingerbread man wanted a female companion...
So I later added also a gingerbread girl ornament

And because my customers have so many good ideas what else to add...
Here are few additional ornaments to go with the set
Bunny and Father Christmas himself.

When creating a new set I experiment more or less with new designs and color combinations.
Some designs stay just as test one.
Like this stack of gifts in pink and mint.

I hope you enjoyed this Pink Christmas Boost.

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