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sreda, 23. oktober 2019

Christmas in Pink and Mint

This year creativity is ON and non traditional colors are trendy...
Today I'll show you Mint and Pink collection that I created 6 weeks ago.

 Center of this collection are 6 big ornaments
4 of them are designs from last year but with new colors ( penguin, polar bear, snowman and raccoon).
Totally new are gingerbread house and gingerbread man ornaments.

Gingerbread man wanted a female companion...
So I later added also a gingerbread girl ornament

And because my customers have so many good ideas what else to add...
Here are few additional ornaments to go with the set
Bunny and Father Christmas himself.

When creating a new set I experiment more or less with new designs and color combinations.
Some designs stay just as test one.
Like this stack of gifts in pink and mint.

I hope you enjoyed this Pink Christmas Boost.

If you would like to see what is currently happening in my craft room...
Then my IG is a place to be

3 komentarji:

  1. Duši, kdo bi si mislil, da je roza/mint kombinacija lahko božična barva- fenomenalna kolekcija :)!

  2. Tole barvno kombinacijo si velja zapomniti. :-) Tvoji izdelki so vsi po vrsti čudoviti. Tudi testni. :-)