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četrtek, 7. julij 2022

Materials and tools for hand-sewing with wool felt

Few words and photos about materials I use

1) Embroidery threads

- perle cotton type of tread (typically comes in balls and it's non-divisible). Puppets perle

- stranded mouline type of tread (typically comes in skeins, contains 6 strands and it's divisible). For example Anchor mouline

- stronger sewing thread for machine or hand sewing. For example DUET stronger

- metallic sewing threads. For example Madeira GLAMOUR and Madeira METALLIC

Note that three strands of mouline type thread are about as thick as one thread of the perle type.

2) Freezer paper 

I've tested two brands ( Reynolds and Prym ). They both work really well, but there are few differences. Prym paper is a little bit stronger and it comes in A4 format sheets suitable for printer while Reynolds paper is available in long roll.

Here is where I've purchased them:

Reynolds-Freezer-paper-38cm-x-12m and Prym-Freezer-paper-za-tiskanje-25-x-a4

3) Scissors 

I use 13 cm long micro tip Fiskars

4) Wool felt

I can recommend two types of felt.

- Pure wool felt made in European Union and

- Wool blend felt from US NationalNonwovens 

 5) Aqua marker - water soluble marker for embroidery

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