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sobota, 5. maj 2018

Heart ornaments with poppies and sunflowers

I showed you wedding versions of heart floral ornaments in previous two posts.
Today is time for more colors and few of my favorite ones...

In past I made bookmark and hair clips with these flowers.
Now it's time for new "canvas"... Heart ornaments.

For poppies I selected proven combination of "Wheatfield" background and small poppy like flowers with centre made of tiny black beads.

With sunflower decoration I had a bit more problems.
I have this new gorgeous totally pastel color "hint of mint". And it was perfect for the background.
I actually just needed to place a flower and a little greenery. Normally that comes naturally... but this time I was arranging , changing, combining for some time. Even left it alone for few days. And finally decided on 1 bigger sunflower , 3 green leaves and a swirl. I just love how it turned out at the end.

Beside this floral heart collection I'm also working on new Christmas ideas.
I will show you what is happening in next posts.
But if you are curious I'm posting frequently on my Instagram all the new stuff 

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