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četrtek, 5. april 2018

New shapes for traditional Christmas ornaments

Easter season is at the end.
And now it's time for realization of few ideas for next Christmas season.

I added 2 new shapes for traditional red and white snowflake embroidered ornaments.

Here are Wool Felt Christmas Bells.

And Wool Felt Christmas Baubles.

Few additional photos

And all together with existing shapes of star, heart and circle

Christmas crafting season 2018 officially started for me!

You are more than welcome to stop by at my Etsy shop.
Here is a link for Traditional Christmas Ornaments in my shop

3 komentarji:

  1. Čudoviti so in ta barvna kombinacija je meni top.

  2. Svetovni so tako stari kot novi. Pridna si da že razmišljaš o koncu leta, jaz komaj sfolgam tekoče zadve :)

  3. Fantastični okraski in top barvna kombinacija. :-)