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sreda, 7. september 2022

Fall pumpkins - Harvest time


It's harvest time 🍎🍐 🍇 . Time for picking up grapes, apples, pears, figs... And so much more.

And here is one new design and two variations of older designs.

New design is the one with Apple and pears. 
It's actually one of the initial ideas I had for motifs on pumpkin ornaments. But it waited for more than 2 years in my map of sketched ideas... Before it came alive. 

You know it's everything in picking the right color shades. 
And by changing the red to a darker shade I finally made a toadstool ornament with lighter background. 

If you are interested in buying finished ornaments then check what's available in my Etsy shop

If you want to create these ornaments by yourself then you can purchase tutorial for Hedgehog and Toadstools scenes (which is also available in the shop). 

Here's a direct link. PDF pattern Hedgehog


And (this is Goga's fault) I'm submitting the toadstool ornament to this challenge

5 komentarjev:

  1. Dušanka tole je noro všečno :)!

  2. Lepa in bogata jesenska dekoracija! Hvala, ker sodeluješ pri CRAFT-alnici

  3. ooo kako lepe bučke :-)) Tole tvoje filcanje je res čudovito.
    Vesela sem, da ustvarjaš z nami v CRAFT-alnici ❤️

  4. Ja pa iiii no, kok so pa tele bučke lepe <3 <3! Hvala, da si se odzvala, pridi večkrat <3. Hvala tudi za sodelovanje v Craft-alnici. Goga

  5. Čudovite bučke! Hvala, ker s svojim izdelkom sodeluješ v CRAFT-alnici, kjer sem bila tokrat gostja.