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četrtek, 7. oktober 2021

Embroidery stitches - examples

Some clear examples of embroidery stitches from previous post.

1) Whipstitch 

Heart ornament was put together by layering three different heart sizes.

On the white background I've placed slightly smaller heart of the same white color. I embroidered it around with contrast red stitch using whipstitches. 

After that I've placed smaller red heart in the center and this time I used matching color whipstitches.

This is the result: 

ponedeljek, 4. oktober 2021

nedelja, 16. maj 2021

Easter ornaments - selection of flower and animal motifs


Here is a selection of various animal and floral Easter ornaments. 

There are two parts of this selection:

- 17 (14+3) animal motifs and

- 16 various floral motifs

For Easter animal part there are 3 ornaments from the separate order (yellow 🐇, blue 🐥, green 🐑). 

And in addition there are also 6 bunnies with colorful eggs, 4 sheep, 2 chicks and 2 geese. 

četrtek, 19. november 2020

Wool Felt Christmas Sleigh ornament


I've been neglecting my blog. Everything about my blogging moved to my Instagram .

Today post is just because I want to show more photos together in one place.

Here are two color versions of the new sleigh design.

First the newest one. Background color is spearmint blue. Snowflakes are stitched with sparkling white ( something I discovered this season). Rest is more or less as on the all Sleigh ornaments. With attention to put some silver details on the sleigh itself and on the gifts.